The AURA project was the name of the R&D project…The UCAV will be named as “GHATAK”.

=>latest configuration of ghatak.

NOTE: this project fall under the category-A projects, hence high confidendiality is maintained. Source of the information in this answer is the annual report of ADA 2015–16 and little conversation with scientists by various journalists at aero india 2017 held in moth of feb-2017.

  • India’s Ghatak UCAV project, Preliminary Air Staff Qualitative Requirements (PSQR) by Indian Air Force Head Quarters was finalised on 10th June 2016.
  • The government of India has sanctioned Rs.231.00 crores on 13th May 2016 to carry out “Design of GHATAK and Development of Critical Advanced Technologies for GHATAK and AMCA”. Major technologies to be developed under this lead-in project are broadly classified under five technology areas are defined below.
  1. Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)
  2. Autonomous flight control technologies
  3. Aerodynamics and Propulsion technologies
  4. Stealth computations, measurements, structures & materials
  5. Technologies for GHATAK systems
  • Levels of flight autonomy will be increased through testing of ATOL and FADS on LCA-Tejas and scaled autonomous flight demonstration of GHATAK.
  • 1:6 model of GHATAK, technologies like control law for flying wing, fluidic thrust vectoring and stealth materials will be tested and evaluated.

=>1:7.8 intake model at IIT-K

=>1:11 wind tunnel model at HAL.

  • Full scale GHATAK RCS model will be tested at ORANGE facility(Hyedrabad) to evaluate RCS hot spots and to enable RCS reduction.

=>RCS test facility hyderabad.

  • Weapon release studies anddeployment mechanism would be studied using high fidelity unsteady CFD modeling of URANS. Effective ejector based cooling mechanism for embedded high aspect ratio nozzle will be combined with ECS cooling requirements along with compact heat exchangers.

=> CFD model of Ghatak.

  • GTRE had submitted a draft CCS proposal for a Dry engine for the GHATAK along with “In-principle”approval of GHATAK Program to ADA.After clearance from MoD and MoF,draft was submitted by GTRE to the PMO.
  • Relaease of funds from PMO for developement of engine is still pending.
  • Two, two specialised research teams at IIT Kanpur were roped in in 2015 for wind tunnel testing of a low RCS intake (work began in mid-2016). The second was even more significant — in November 2015, a team from IIT Kanpur was brought on board to conduct and study the autonomous flight of a low RCS aircraft configuration with a ducted fan for multiple flight modes. the following image provides the first official schematic of the power/thrust configuration on the Ghatak.

  • Interestingly this is probably the only project that is under supervision of PMO and NSA. Hence, the government has decided to not to move for foreign help and call for active participation from private and academic institution.
  • Also it uses a modern serpentine intake which helps in reducing the engine heat signature significantly and reduces all over RCS.

Pic source: ADA final report, google, livefist defense.


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