SP-7 maiden flight took place on 12/12/2017. Soon, after the customary initial flights, she will be handed over to the squadron. This marks 6th LCA in the 45th Flying Dagger squadron. The SP-5 is not yet into the forces as it is made in the remedial manufacturing line set by HAL by making the Kiram Line being used for LCA, this process of modifying a line meant for one type of aircraft to manufacture different type of aircraft takes time.

CCS Committee lead by PM already has approved funds for Second full blown Manufacturing line for LCA, but it shall be operational by 2019Image result for lca ifr

Also it was stated by Raksha Rajya Mantri. Sh Subhash Bhamre in Parliament that the LCA shall achieve FOC by mid 2018. So the IFR probe test on LCA SP-8 are to be cleared by IAF on it’s tanker aircraft. First dry test will bee done then complete refuelling test will be done. HAL has done in-house trials of the IFR and now user trials by IAF is awaited in Early 2018.



  1. RAVI KRISHNA IYENGAR December 20, 2017 — 2:31 pm

    IAF was forced to accept the IOC-1 and then IOC-2 forcefully. Yes, this is also called political signalling to the outsider. But till when? We have numerous concessions pending from IOC that have been carried over to FOC. FOC means the aircraft is fully operational for carrying out Operations, without any pending design and development & manufacturing probems. At FOC the Tejas should have achieved its desired Maintainability figures of MTBF, MTTR and MMH/FH. These three critical parameters are far from being achieved. Nonetheless, it is our aircraft, we have to accept it. But will HAL be pulled up to do the needful to enhance its manufacturing facilities to Industry 4.0 standards. Will the FOC cleared TEjas in mid 2018 provide an 80% serviceability in the squadrons. Can the IAF move to Sulur and operate its fleet independently for atleast a year without the intervention of HAL? Is the complete aircraft documentation package ready in all respects? many such issues are hanging in thin air that needs to be resolved before FOC


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