Decision are never taken in a day in the GoI, it is a long discussion. Perhaps the same happened with LCA recently when this happened recently:

Now we know why there was so much anti-LCA campaign in November ’17 like:

and it still continues, “Dallebaaj” still doing job and it is now in open limelight:

Similar recent cases of Dalals:

As I have always said that not all Indigenous equipments are as bad as claimed by “Paid Media” well the above companies are their “Masters”. Above facts are testimony to my claim.

Further going into the answer I would burst the Myth bubble of “PUNY RANGED TEJAS”.

Let’s go:

There are two aspects of the range:

  • Ferry Range: Here it is taken as total distance with both Internal+External fuel tank.
  • Combat Radius: Commonly called Radius of Action,it is the max distance upto which a/c can go and comeback to base without refuelling , this is the point which the question is based upon.

Pre-requisite Photo from CEMILAC, Millitary aviation certification agency of India which certifies all IAF aircrafts including LCA, data regarding LCA has been taken from their chart:

Here are two charts based on Data from Wikipedia(For other a/c) and above chart(For LCA):


  • Combat Radius:

  • Ferry Range:

Some article stated that LCA has range of 500 Km while others have somewhere near 3000+. I mean woow, LCA’s Combat radius compared to others Ferry Range.


The Yellow bars aircraft are those which LCA will or may have to meet in Future in the battle field, and based on the mentioned criteria it is nowhere less than anyone of them, except the ferry range of F-16. This so because this is the frontline fighter if PAF unlike us who have: SU-30 MKI, MIG-29, Rafales, Mirage, Jaguars then LCA.

Also it is to be noted that almost all other aircrafts are MMRCA category while Tejas is a light category.

Further it is to be noted that, LCA is not supposed to be a deep penetration fighter but further into the answer we will clearly see it still is so.

Now the Combat Radius stuff, let’s get more practical here and taking CR of LCA as 500 Km do some simple research:

The below pic has:

Yellow Pins: Major IAF bases and Advanced Landing Ground(ALG)

Red Pins: Major Pakistani cities

White: Major PLAAF Air and Millitary bases

Lets start from Western Based IAF bases:

There are Four Major bases:

  1. Jaisalmer
  2. Jodhpur
  3. Bhuj
  4. Jamnagar

I take the Front most part of the four i.e Bhuj, Jaisalmer though they may officially be based on Jodhpur and Jamnagar but to stay near to Battleground they will shift between the two bases according to conditions of war:



The Bhuj and Jaisalmer Base will easily handle the Western warfront which will be more of CAS role and this include major cities of Karachi, Quetta. Lower part of Pakistan is a less dense populated, the fun starts when we move north.

Let’s Move to Punjab amd Delhi Region:

Major Bases are:

  • Bhathinda
  • Halwara
  • Udhampur
  • Adampur
  • Amritsar
  • Ambala
  • Pathankot
  • Hindon
  • Palam

The priority will be to place the LCA not too near to the PAF bases and not too Far from the same, So Halwara, Adampur, Pathankot seems the ideal place, all lie on same line so I will take case of Halwara AFB, things won’t change with other two much:

It is clearly seen that the LCA can easily cover most of the crucial Pakistani cities within it’s range.

Let’s move further North:

Major IAF AFB:

  1. Srinagar
  2. Leh
  3. Ladakh ALG

Cases here takes Srinagar and Ladakh DBO ALG:


Srinagar is the perfect place for LCA, it can cover the entire array of most important Pakistani city.

Ladakh DBO ALG:

Range of LCA easily covers the entire Himachal and Uttarakhand which are the most vulnerable place for PLA ingression and the much crucial Pangong lake.

(IA pushing out PLA ingressing troops from Indian territory of Pangong lake during the Doklam Stand-off)

Let’s Move to further North-East of India:


Let’s see some Glimpse of Chinese Infrastructure:


Now this may look serious which it is but when look closely, lets zoom out the things become a more clear view of IAF bases, here it is:

Considering this many IAF Airforce bases and knowing the fact that we are on High ground compared to china the only word that comes to my mind regarding China is: Gangbang

As for Tejas here it is:

Doklam for IAF Tejas with full battle load will be Monkey jumping on trees!

Let’s Move further North-East to Seven-sister states:

Almost all the IAF bases are equally shared by Airports and ALGs, but here I will take the case for ALGs to make things tougher as the media does to defame LCA:

Even if LCA is placed way inwards in Tawang which will not be the case in war, it still has sufficient range inside the Tibetean plateau.

For if I place it on ANINI ALG:

Here it gets substantial range inside the Chinese territory.

That’s all with LCA on the case of Two-front war in Western and North-Eastern Thetres.

All this when LCA:

  • Is not supposed to be Deep Penetration fighter rather a Point defense fighter.
  • Almost all cases the CR is reduced by 1 Km i.e 499 Km to make situation bit difficult.

Despite the fact Tejas is L-MRCA it is at par with many of M-MRCA category. Calling it “NOT WORTHY OF DEFENDING INDIAN SKIES” is absolute BS.


P.C: Soikot Banerjee, MS-EXCEL, Google Earth


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