Ministry of Defence: Technology Perspective and Capability Roadmap 2020

Recently a document related to a short term goal for Indigenous weapons developement was published by the Ministry of defence. The document cadres to the need of all three wings of the Indian Millitary i.e is Army, Airforce and Navy. The goals are set till 2020 and are more based on the three or mostly two categories of Make in India Defense or DPP-2016:

  1. Indigenously Designed, Developed and Manufactured category.
  2. Buy Indian
  3. Make Category

The pics from the document are as given below in actual order:

Noteworthy Indigenous weapons mentions in the given Document:

  1. Hard kill protection systems for tanks
  2. Engines with 1000-1500 hp     , DRDO 1500 Hp power facility
  3. Next Generation Destroyers (NGD) / Next Generation Frigates
  4. Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) RPA, 100 – 150 pieces. DRDO Rustom-2Image result for drdo rustom 2
  5. Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) (HALE, VTOL, Ship-borne), apprrox 50 , DRDO-IAI Rotary wing UAVImage result for drdo-iai uav aero india 2017
  6. Short Range RPA, 50 Pieces, DRDO Rustom-1 UAV Image result for rustom 1 uav missiles
  7. Stealth RPAs, 55-70 pieces. DRDO Ghatak U(C)AVImage result for drdo ucav
  8. AUVs/ ROVs for Mine Neutralisation, 10 Pieces, DRDO Underwater DroneImage result for drdo anti mine underwater ROV
  9. Anti UAV Directed Energy Weapons.
  10. Long range Anti submarine Torpedos
  11. Replacement for AK-630 CIWS, DRDO AK-230 CloneIMG_20180226_002339.jpg
  12. Rifle and Carbines , 250000 and 230000 respectively, OFB 7.62*51 and JVPCImage result for OFB 7.62*51 rifleImage result for drdo jvpc

These are some of the most noteworthy mentions in the document.  Looks like the indigenous millitary complex is going to take a leap in coming years even more.

Jai Hind


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